Latest project set to go live next week!

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My latest project that I have been working on is set to go live next week! It’s just in the bug testing and tweaking phase, then once it’s past that it will be on the interwebs for all to see! I will post a link next week so it can be seen! ***coughapparentlyimnotskilledenoughtobeawebdeveloperscrewwwwyouuuuucough*** There is a lightbox that flies out of the screen, a map that displays in a lightbox, contact form validation, a hand written news page, which i may use in future projects as it is totally changeable (go mee lol), jquery slideshows, cufon text, xhtml strict, css and more all hand written no cms used this time around! It also validates to the w3 XHTML Strict rules! And it looks rather snazzy too… i have to say this is the first piece of paid web developent in a good while that i am truely proud of… and thats saying something… As with all my projects IE6 was used to view the site, and because of IE6 being a pain in the ass like usual it’s not supported… saying that i haven’t supported it for a few years, IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera all test and all good… they are the only true browsers that matter lol

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