GameMBO .. What’s Happening?

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Time for an update on GameMBO which has been offline for sometime now, it will be returning with a new look and a new aim. The BETA site is currently in development, plus users and articles from the old site will remain in the new one, the popular Jom360 JomSocial / Joomla plugin will return (The Xbox Live Integration), as well as JomPSN (Hopefully if there is a PSN API). The site will now cover all aspects of news across several platforms, these being Xbox, Playstation, Wii, PC & Handheld Devices, as well as better more up to date followings on conferences, the site will no longer be based so much around a community but more towards news and comments, the community parts will remain, they just wont be so prominent. At the moment my ETA on the site is 2 – 3 Months before a functional BETA site can be released, but once that happens there will be a announcement.

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