Jom360 – Under Redevelopment

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If you haven’t noticed the Jom360 Domain is re-registered… however the site is still being worked on. The project for those that don’t know allowed Joomla! + JomSocial to integrate with the Xbox Live Platform through an unofficial API, however we now have access to some new API’s which will allow this project to be reborn… however there are a few issues outlined below: The whole codebase needs rewritting to work with both Joomla 1.7 and the latest JomSocial, which means we also need to fix the 1.5 version (for those who have not upgraded however this will only be done if released before the offical 1.5 stop support date). We don’t have access to JomSocial so we have no office way of testing the script. JomPSN and JomWii will come at somepoint in 2012 (end of probably) but the main priority will be for Jom360 at this point in time, there will be 2 versions of the script once re-released… a free version (backlink supported) and a paid version (more feature with no backlink… won’t be expensive £5 tops for lifetime… will be serial number supported though… to stop unoffical sharing). The forums are open on the Jom360 website for ideas and feedback.

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