Should SoundWadio return?

I want your opinions on this, i am considering bringing SoundWadio back but it would require help from other potential DJ's as well as help with running the site. If you are interested please feel free to comment or catch me over on GameMBO. Or for a chat add me on either msn or xfire: MSN: aaron[@] (Remove the []) Xfire: DJSADERS

SoundWadio Back

I have relaunched SoundWadio! I am looking for DJ's so please visit the site and apply if you are interested, you can listen through the site or using any of the many options avaiable on that site.

SoundWadio radio server now hosted by Terrabit Host!

Terrabit Host the sponsors of SoundWadio now host their radio server as well as their site! Check out the SoundWadio site for news and going-ons related to it!

SoundWadio Radio Server Downtime…

SoundWadio's radio server will be offline for the next few weeks to perform essential maintenance, have a server move, and update the songs on the server.

So now is the best time to give me feedback on what to add / remove / change on either the site or radio server.

Just follow the link below:

(You will need to register to post)

Also coming within the next few months there will be a downloadable player, unfortunately this will only work on Windows.

SoundWadio Back Online

I am slowly working to get all my sites back online, so far i have this one and SoundWadio online.

I'm hoping to get the rest completely online by the end of the week.

Not much has changed with SoundWadio just a few small changes with design here and there but the basics are the same.

Had a slight problem with a stream ripper listening in on the stream which i have now banned, also to try and stop this i am working on adding the station name to the stream They wont be good quality but should do the trick.