JSStaff On Hold

Due to spam bots, and spam people i have had to take JSStaff down, as its was a joke to how much crap was being posted. I would clean the forum out but then minutes later it would be full of crap again, i will eventually solve this problem, but at the moment i am in no rush to do so.

Gone back in time

For some reason the backup i made before i had to reinstall Linux (Debian Etch) got corrupted, because of this i had to resort to a very old backup of the database i had before.

I do have the last database, but its in raw MySQL for mat which is no good without the files to go with it.

Due to this the Recent Posts block on the right will only show posts from this one forwards, i will fix the categories soon, and bring back some of the functionality i had before.

UPDATE: Fixed the Recent Posts issue.

No updates?

You may be wondering why there has been a lack of updates recently, this is due to 2 reasons: 1 - not enough time due to work 2 - php error which has broken the post page (I posted this with the Wordpress iTouch app) On better news the SoundWadio.com domain finally transferred to the new registrar and works again, working on the site at the moment and hoping for a launch soon. And work is going on to get Terrabit Host back online. I have also added some photos of the car I have just brought and there is a post coming about that soon then there will be a weekly post updating the progress of getting that car back on the road. So lots to post about soon once u have fixed the blog.

A number of websites are due to return

I am working on a few websites at the moment which is one of the reasons for the lack of posts here, below are a few that will be returning and my ideas: WLMX.co.uk - Will return as it once was Windows Live Messenger Xtreme DJSADERSWEBSITE.co.uk - My very first domain no idea what this will be SoundWadio - Online Radio Station (If my domain registrar actually create the nameservers to get this one working) GameMBO - Not so much a re-launch as just a launch There are a few more but i haven't got any ideas for these yet, will post again when i know.

Upgraded Wordpress Had to Resort Back to Old Design

I upgraded wordpress today after putting it off for several weeks only to find that it broke the theme i was using so i had to resort back to this basic old one, ill hopefully have the new one back again soon. UPDATE New design is back