XBOX 360 Generation 1 = Crap!

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A few weeks ago i brought myself a XBOX 360 first gen, it worked perfectly for the first few weeks, then one day out of the blie the picture stopped working, so i read up on the internet how to fix it, and most of the sites i found said do the towel trick, it worked for a few days then went again… So i wasted £110 on a XBOX 360 that is nothing more than a paper weight due … Read More

Up from 10mb to 20mb Broadband

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My internet got upgraded from 10mb to 20mb and it makes hell of a difference! This was a speedtest i done yesterday (20th May 2009) And this is a speedtest i done today (21st May 2009) Just browsing the net is a lot faster, have yet to download anything, but as i have games on my Steam account to download i will see what i get 😀

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