Install PHP7.0 on CentOS 7 + Virtualmin (Multiple PHP Versions)

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So I finally decided to move my blog over to PHP 7.0, I’m a little slow when it comes to making changes on my server however I have been running PHP 7.0 on the work server for a while and it seems to be faster than the old PHP 5.6. If you would like to know how it’s done then read below as it extremely easy and took me literally less than 5 mins to do… So first off login … Read More

A little housework

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I have done a little housework on here, so i have finally updated the portfolio to show off a small selection of my work, I will add to this as time goes on. I have also made a rubish logo to replace the text on the header, i have also enabled the top bar and moved the Github link up there along with my social profile links. I plan starting from next year to post updates more regularly relating WordPress, … Read More

Released a working version of TaskFreak 0.94

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I have released a working version of TaskFreak 0.94, it is tested with MySQL 5.5. It can be found here on my GitHub page. The fix consisted of replacing the line: TYPE=MyISAM with the line: ENGINE=MyISAM In the following 2 files: mysql.init.php and mysql.init.sql

Redirect Joomla to specific Domain

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So i decided to create a SSL certificate for my blog using the Lets Encrypt feature built into Virtualmin but this resulted in my many domain names not working over SSL (I only created a certificate for I found the simplest plugin for joomla to achieve this, it’s called Domain Redirect, and put simply it will redirect you to the domain of your choosing. Test it on this site for example,,, and will redirect to … Read More

Back on a dedicated server

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Ok well I thought moving to a shared host would give me fewer headaches as someone else is running the servers… I was wrong… I would not recommend GoDaddy for shared hosting, they started off ok on the cPanel tiers until they decided to restrict the HDD read rate and CPU use heavily, which meant my site was down more than up and the email was utterly useless! Some back on a dedicated server with Kimsufi, running ubuntu and virtualmin… it … Read More

Jom360 – Under Redevelopment

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If you haven’t noticed the Jom360 Domain is re-registered… however the site is still being worked on. The project for those that don’t know allowed Joomla! + JomSocial to integrate with the Xbox Live Platform through an unofficial API, however we now have access to some new API’s which will allow this project to be reborn… however there are a few issues outlined below: The whole codebase needs rewritting to work with both Joomla 1.7 and the latest JomSocial, which … Read More

GameMBO .. What’s Happening?

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Time for an update on GameMBO which has been offline for sometime now, it will be returning with a new look and a new aim. The BETA site is currently in development, plus users and articles from the old site will remain in the new one, the popular Jom360 JomSocial / Joomla plugin will return (The Xbox Live Integration), as well as JomPSN (Hopefully if there is a PSN API). The site will now cover all aspects of news across … Read More

New Server… Again

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Finally after many years of waiting Kimsufi (Part of OVH) have finally removed their damn £50 setup fee, so I decided to grab the chance and get myself a Dedicated Server with these guys, I have been a customer before and was impressed last time, below I have outlined the server I currently have with them, it is no means powerful but it does the job and will do for at least 500 websites (the max I would personally put on this server). … Read More

Latest project set to go live next week!

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My latest project that I have been working on is set to go live next week! It’s just in the bug testing and tweaking phase, then once it’s past that it will be on the interwebs for all to see! I will post a link next week so it can be seen! ***coughapparentlyimnotskilledenoughtobeawebdeveloperscrewwwwyouuuuucough*** There is a lightbox that flies out of the screen, a map that displays in a lightbox, contact form validation, a hand written news page, which i … Read More

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