Mount Google Drive on headless CentOS 7 server

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I have been using google-drive-ocamlfuse for quite some time to backup my Virtualmin Virtual Servers, but finding any help setting this up for CentOS 7 in one place as far as i can see doesn’t exist. So I have taken information from 2 seperate blogs (i have linked to these below) and examples from what i had to do to get it up and running. First thing is first… We need to install it from source. You need OPAM to … Read More

No presto meta data available

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I have been getting the above error: No presto meta data available REPO NAME when running yum update, all it means is that there is no delta rpm for the repo, the quickest and simplest way to make the message dissapear is to edit: /etc/yum.conf and add or change the following: deltarpm=0 To find out more about delta rpms look here (  

Error: Delta RPMs disabled because /usr/bin/applydeltarpm not installed.

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I was getting the following error every time i ran yum update or yum install: Delta RPMs disabled because /usr/bin/applydeltarpm not installed It’s caused simply by CentOS minimal missing some packages, to find the package name run: yum provides ‘*/applydeltarpm’ To install it run: yum install deltarpm

Secure SSH with Google Authenticator

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Securing SSH with Google Authenticator (TOTP) is easy to do and adds security to your server quickly. Ill outline how to do it below: Install Google Authenticator To begin we need to install the Google Authenticator PAM module, to install it on ubuntu use the code below: sudo apt-get install libpam-google-authenticator (This will only install the PAM module we will need to activate it manually later on) Create an Authentication Key Login as the user you want to be securing … Read More

How to install Windows 10 Preview on Oracle VirtualBox

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Out of curiosity I decided to try to install Windows 10 Technical Preview on Oracle VirtualBox and after several failed attempts I managed to get it going… As Microsoft is currently building Windows 10 and it’s still early I would not recommend using it as your main operating system. Below is how I managed to do it… 1. Getting started Make sure VirtualBox is up to date… this will solve most if not all problems! Grab the ISO from here … Read More

Back on a dedicated server

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Ok well I thought moving to a shared host would give me fewer headaches as someone else is running the servers… I was wrong… I would not recommend GoDaddy for shared hosting, they started off ok on the cPanel tiers until they decided to restrict the HDD read rate and CPU use heavily, which meant my site was down more than up and the email was utterly useless! Some back on a dedicated server with Kimsufi, running ubuntu and virtualmin… it … Read More

Pointing domains hosted away from GoDaddy, to GoDaddy hosting

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This puzzled me for a few hours before figuring it out, these are instructions for the cPanel, it’s as simple as finding the nameservers GoDaddy has set up for you. It’s a bit long-winded to find the nameservers however below i have pointed out what to do. Setup your domain in cPanel Login to your GoDaddy account Click on the + next to Domains then click on Launch On this page click the DNS button at the top then DNS … Read More

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