Ford Escort XR3I Project

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I gave up on the blue escort I was going to restore and I have brought another one…. which needs a lot less work This is what the last owner done to the car: Low mileage since engine rebuild Lifters replaced, new pistons fitted, cylinders bored, engine interior polished, new cam shaft, piston rings – no expense spared. Full service history, since I have owned it, including receipts for all work carried out, engine totalling over £2000.00! Fully operational powerhood … Read More

Email server fixed

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I have finally managed to find enough time to fix the mail server… In fact I have formatted the server, moving away from Cent OS and Kloxo to ISP-Control and Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) the speed improvements to far are looking great 😀 I also installed Dovecot with Postfix and Roundcube Webmail which all seems to be running perfectly… now I just need a  nightly backup system… hmmmm

Just ordered new computer components

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I have just ordered the following computer components, with any luck they are good but to be fair I didn’t really look… AMD Bundle with AMD Sempron 145 OEM Processor and Cooler Patriot Signature 4GB DDR3 Memory and Asus M5A78L-M LX V2 mATX Motherboard It will deffo be faster than my current rig, I do plan on adding another 4GB of RAM so it has 8GB, a new case, and possibly a new graphics card

Terrabit Host – Halloween Offer – First Month Free

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EU based shared hosting, we offer real plans at an affordable price, with NO overselling guaranteed! HALLOWEEN OFFER – FIRST MONTH FREE! – OFFER EXPIRES 12/11/2011 PROMOTION CODE: HALLOWEEN11 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed: Fast & Friendly Support, with a number of contact methods: Email, Phone, Support Tickets Direct contact to members of staff (Once account opened) The price you sign up with will NEVER change. If we start a promotion within 30 Days of your sign up date, you can … Read More

Jom360 – Under Redevelopment

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If you haven’t noticed the Jom360 Domain is re-registered… however the site is still being worked on. The project for those that don’t know allowed Joomla! + JomSocial to integrate with the Xbox Live Platform through an unofficial API, however we now have access to some new API’s which will allow this project to be reborn… however there are a few issues outlined below: The whole codebase needs rewritting to work with both Joomla 1.7 and the latest JomSocial, which … Read More

GameMBO .. What’s Happening?

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Time for an update on GameMBO which has been offline for sometime now, it will be returning with a new look and a new aim. The BETA site is currently in development, plus users and articles from the old site will remain in the new one, the popular Jom360 JomSocial / Joomla plugin will return (The Xbox Live Integration), as well as JomPSN (Hopefully if there is a PSN API). The site will now cover all aspects of news across … Read More

Foreign workers took three in four new jobs in Britain in the last year

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I was reading the Daily Mail today when I came across this very interesting and infuriating article: Iain Duncan Smith was RIGHT: Foreign workers took three in four new jobs in Britain in the last year According to this article in the last year, employed foreigners rose from 334, 000 to over 4 million, but in the same time British born workers rose by only 77, 000. According to business leaders they would rather employ foreigners than youngsters for the following reasons: … Read More

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