Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Advert

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You know it’s Christmas when you see the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck advert on TV, this year it’s been running since 12th November, however I saw it for the first time this year on the 19th. Below is the full length advert and the shorter 2010 version of the advert. Full Length Advert 2010 Version of the advert Coca-Cola are also running a new advert from 13th December, im not to sure about it, let me know what you think in the comments New advert … Read More

Blog is back :)

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I decided to bring the blog back, not to sure what my plans are this time, as I never usually stick to them, once i decide what i am going to do. There will be changes round here like a custom design, and some custom coding, but as I am a Joomla! man, it will take me a while to get my head around WordPress. As I now work in web development, I will be updating my portfolio (Once its … Read More

Getting a job in this day and age

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In this day and age getting a job is near impossible, the recession has hit hard plus the rate of immigration hasn’t helped matters at all. I am currently unemployed and have been since August 2009, i apply for hundreds of jobs each month and apart from the odd few which will reply with a simple message saying i wasn’t successful, none get back to me which really effects your enthusiasm and faith in one of Labours promisses… “British jobs … Read More

Welcome to the new home

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I have invested in some new hosting for the next 24 months to minimize downtime, with any luck this host will give all the power needed to the sites i now run. I have noticed it’s not speedy but i think thats down to the site now being on shared hosting rather than a dedicated or vps server which has been a few years since i last took this plunge, but for what i paid i shall make the most … Read More

Should SoundWadio return?

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I wan’t your opinions on this, i am considering bringing SoundWadio back but it would require help from other potential DJ’s as well as help with running the site. If you are interested please feel free to comment or catch me over on GameMBO. Or for a chat add me on either msn or xfire: MSN: aaron[@] (Remove the []) Xfire: DJSADERS

Re-Setup 2nd router

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I have had to re-setup my second router for Wireless, as my Wireless N router keeps dropping any wireless connections or hanging since i done a firmware upgrade, incase your interested the pics and models are below, hopefully i can solve the problem as the old wireless G is no where near fast enough 🙁 Wireless-G router Netgear WGR614v9 Wireless-N router Netgear WNR2000 Not the best setup in the world, but it works

GameMBO Maintenance May Take A Little Longer Than Planned

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I planned to only have GameMBO down Saturday and Sunday, however that may have been a little under-estimated, for the work that needs to be done, to remove the ads, and implement the new xboxish design thats been in the works for a while, getting the site up and running isn’t the hard part, it’s rescuing all the data from the old database, so it works with the new one, and to minimize broken links in news articles (which is … Read More

Been a while

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I know it’s been a while since my last post, but i have been busy coding GameMBO so it can be as good as it can be 🙂 Go check it out if your haven’t yet, this year i will be updating my blog a lot, and there is a new codebase coming soon 🙂 Hopefully it will combat all the spammers i have on this bloody thing, 99% of spam gets caught thanks to Akismet, but the next version … Read More

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